Submission Guidelines

Submission Guideline

Applicants willing to participate in the conference are invited to submit their abstracts in English complying with the requirement mentioned bellow:

The volume of the subtract should not exceed one page;

To be submitted in MS Word format (Times New Roman, font size 12);

It should contain following information in order: a) author(s); b) affiliation c) title of abstract;

The abstracts should include problem statement/description; research question, research methodology; expected findings/main results.

We do not accept email submissions.

Late applications will not be considered.

Please, be aware that due to a large volume of applications only short-listed candidates will be contacted to submit their final paper.

Guidelines for Template
Congress Language: Language of conference is English; the authors can prepare abstracts and present (poster/oral presentations) in either language.

File Format: Abstracts should be submitted in doc, docx format.

Page Size: A4 (29.7 × 21.0 cm)

Total Pages: Abstracts should not be longer than one (1) page.

Marginal Space Sizes: Top, Bottom and Left: 3 cm. Right: 2.0 cm.

Font: Times New Roman.

Title: Title should be written aligned to center, with 12 bold font size, the first letter of the words should be written in capital with exception of conjunctive words.

Line Fitting: Title: 1.5 line spacing, Next line – author(s) name(s) (1.5 line spacing) and affiliation(s) (1.0 line spacing). Body Text: 1.0 line spacing

Author(s): Name of Authors should be aligned to center, first letters of authors name and last name should be written in capital letter and with 12 font size. The presenting author name should be underlined unless only one author includes in the abstract.

Adress(es): Addresses should be written in italic, with 12 font size and aligned to center, and different addresses should be clearly indicated with superscript (1, 2, 3 …). Only, E-mail address of the presenter should appear in next row right beneath the address line.

Main Text: Main text should consist of introduction, methods and materials, results and conclusion (discussion). Main text should be written with leaned on two sides of page; one row has to be left blank between sections, with 12 font size (1.0 line spacing) and without indents. Main text may contain formulas, scheme or table if necessary, however these must be in high resolution and should be aligned to center and one row has to be left blank before and after them within a page. Caption text font is Times New Roman 11 and caption title is bold face. Abstract text is allowed to flow around the graph.

References: Each reference must be shown in a square bracket and they (max. 5 references) should be detailed in References section with font size of 12 according to the rules below.

For Articles: Last name of author, first letter of authors’ given names, complete name of journal or abbreviation (in italic), volume number, page range, publishing year. For Books: Name of author, complete name of book (in italic, between brackets), page and chapter number, publishing office, publishing place, and publishing year. For Thesis: Last name of author and first letter of the first name of author, name of “thesis” (in italic, between brackets), name of University thesis published, published place, published year.
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